We have twelve (seriously, two engines worth!) cylinder heads for sale.  These heads were removed to allow for conversion to liquid cooled heads.  These are current-generation heads removed from factory-new unflown engines.  The heads have zero hours of flight time on them and have only been run in the test-cell at the Jabiru mothership in Australia (note the light film of soot in the 4th photo below; that's from the test-cell run).  They are as close to being brand new without actually being brand new as it is possible to be.

These heads are for sale either as single heads at $600 or multiple heads for a 10% discount, which pencils out to $540 each.

We will ship to any US address for free, Canadian and overseas buyers will be on the hook for actual shipping charges.  We will take personal and cashiers checks with the proviso that we will, of course, wait for the check to clear before shipping.  Alternatively you may use PayPal below.

Make sure you understand that these are just the heads--all other components were swapped to the liquid cooled heads (the liquid cooled heads are Rotec heads, for those of you who are familiar with them).  Likewise, we're not the Jabiru factory nor a Jabiru dealer.  Therefore we can't offer any warranty or support.  You either know what you're doing or your friend does, because we don't.

These heads are at the Anoka/Blaine airport (KANE) in Blaine, Minnesota.  If you are local you are welcome to look at them in person.  For that matter, if you're not local you can still look at them, but getting here is your problem.

Jabiru 3300 Cylinder Heads

Get 'em while they're hot.

But not too hot . . . if you got them too hot that's probably why you're shopping for new heads in the first place. Don't do that.