The genesis of Ion Aircraft is actually the story of someone else's failure.

Some readers may remember a Kansas company named DreamWings and their flagship airplane, the Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie was a sleek, speedy looking airplane that took your breath away just to see it on a computer screen.   The effect was even better when you saw the prototype airplane "in the flesh."  Dozens of DreamWings depositors made their decision to buy a plane while they were sitting at the controls of the prototype, a happy grin on their face.  They had found the perfect plane.

One thing led to another--dreams were crushed, careers were ruined, no planes were ever delivered and in 2001 DreamWings ceased operations forever.  When DreamWings closed its doors, it left 145 customers behind--customers who lost nearly $1.5 million in deposit money.

We are those customers.

Ion Aircraft is testament to what professional, committed people can do if they work together as a cohesive unit to achieve a goal.  It is also our rebel yell and our gesture of defiance, our stubborn refusal to die.

Program History
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It has been mentioned to us that the text above inadvertently implies that the Ion 1xx planes are redesigns of the Valkyrie.

It is extremely important (to us) that we clarify that this is NOT the case; the Ion 1xx planes are totally clean-sheet designs.  There is 0.00% engineering commonality with our plane and the old plane.  Not one nut, bolt, airfoil, seat, tire or rivet.

The Ion 1xx planes were designed from scratch by AirBoss AeroSpace (Mark Bettosini, Dave Fawcett, Robert Jones) with aero refinement from Dave Lednicer while he was with AMI.

This may seem like a non-issue to most folks out there on the sidelines, but we want to make sure that our excellent engineers get credit for their outstanding work.